What is a Massage Candle?

Think of massage candles as a Candle with Benefits! If you like, you can burn and enjoy massage candles just the same way as you would a regular candle. However, unlike regular candles, massage candles are specifically made from skin-safe wax that burns and melts at a lower temperature than regular candles.

Massage candle melts into a warm and sensual oil that you can use for massages or sensual touching during foreplay. The waxes in massage candles are also blended with skin nourishing butters and oils, such as shea butter and grapeseed oil that gently penetrate the skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Massage candles are great for a relaxing or sensual night in; you get the romantic ambiance of flickering candlelight, the delicious fragrance of a melting candle, and the warm sensual touch of a massage with skin nourishing ingredients.


How to use Wicked Bawdy Massage Candles

  • Place a cover on your massage surface, as massage oils in the candle may stain sheets or clothing
  • Light your candle and allow it to burn until you have a full melt pool of oil at the top layer of the candle container
  • Extinguish your candle flame; never pour the oil while the candle is still lit
  • Test the temperature of the melted oil on the back of your hand; the oil should be warm, but not hot enough to burn skin
  • Pour desired amount of melted wax into a bowl, on to your hands, or directly onto the skin
  • Massage the oil into the body and enjoy!


Other Safety and Important Information

  • For external use only
  • Do not consume or put oil on sensitive body areas
  • If any irritation occurs at anytime discontinue use
  • You can either allow the oil to continue to moisturize the skin, or you can also shower off the oil, according to your personal preference
  • After each use, any unused amount of product will re-solidify so that it will be ready for the next use
  • Be sure to replace the lid after use to avoid any dust particles or foreign matter to get in your massage candle
  • Please follow all other regular candle care and safety instructions